The Open Mind of A Thinkaholic 2

I think way too much for my own good and yet I feel that its good to think as much as I do.

Some of my thoughts might be controversial (please, don’t get all self-righteous. I bet you’ve had similar thoughts) while others might be on topics that we all wonder about.

The truth is I’m conflicted. As human beings, we’re all conflicted. By way of example, I hate mangoes but I love mango milkshake. I hate junk food but love it every now and then. I think too much but there are times I don’t think at all. I believe in the need to be good but I also believe taking a hard line can be beneficial every now and then.

See what I mean? Good luck if YOU do because I don’t. Seriously.

I’m my own Devil’s Advocate. I think and question my thoughts and then, I have more thoughts that I question again and again.

The ONLY thing I’m not conflicted about is this: I do not like judgmental-ism, I do not like gossip, I loathe self-righteous assholes and I hate hypocrisy. I will, can and do respect opinions though.

I do not believe in leaking secrets about other people though. It’s a waste of time, negative, useless and I don’t want to deprive more than half of the world’s population of the ‘privilege’ of bitching about and dishing their friends’ secrets either.

Anyway, I’m going to get started on my first blog post. If you benefit from it, great. If not, you will have wasted a few minutes of your lives reading something that might never help you. I believe there’s a reason we learn certain things about certain topics and people and that knowledge might benefit us at SOME point in our lives. 


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