The “You Can’t” Mantra That We’re So Used To- Part 1

One of the most tiring and ridiculous mantras I’ve ever come across is the “You Can’t” mantra.

I’m not referring to permission here. I’m referring to discouragement.

People are conditioned to believe that it is difficult for them to achieve their goals. I’ve seen it happen ALL THE F***ing time.

Side-note: I haven’t censured the F word out of fear or because of (non-existent) desire to be chaste here. It’s just that I have a plethora of bad words in my mind.

If time and people around us have taught us anything, it is anything is possible and I mean that quite literally. You just have to want it badly enough.

Here are some of the most annoying quotes I’ve heard (and some of these were targeted at me, too)-

“EARNING? VIA WRITING? Haye Allah kitnee fazool batain karahay ho! (Oh God! What nonsense!)”

“You’re never going to lose weight”

“You think you can earn while sitting at home? That’s just not possible”

“Please, Steve Jobs and Einstein were brainiacs. You can never get where they got”.

“You’re a failure”

“You CANNOT earn without a degree”

I’ve defied some of these and all I needed was self-belief and God.

I’m working on part 2 of the same blog post as I listen to this amazing remix of Dirty Talk by Wynter Gordon.

Read it in a bit if you so want 🙂



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