Rebutting the “Models are ALWAYS Photoshopped” BS (Male specific)

Soo, I’ve recently been coming across various people who talk about how certain celebrities, fitness models and women use different products to make their bodies look a particular way or they rant about how “because their career depends on it, its possible for them to look THAT way”. Ironically, most of these people come to the gym I go to.

When they come across people who are actually fit at the gym they presume these guys are eating nothing but supplements which is “why they have abs and sculpted bodies”.

Then, I came across this particular article a few days ago: which, to me, seems like a model-shaming article. I’m not a mouthpiece for models, fitness coaches, etc. but I’m a fitness freak and I do pay attention to these things.

First of all, while it’s true that SOME people look “THAT” way because of products and their careers, there are people out there who genuinely do take care of themselves. Just because you’ve made it your life-long decision to be a lazy ass that does NOT mean that it’s impossible for anyone to lose fat.

Secondly, I’ve spoken to quite a few people at the gym and a lot of them seem to think they know what they’re talking about when it comes to fitness. One of them started giving me a lecture on why I should take protein powder (which I’m against, just fyi) because ‘the chicken we eat in Pakistan isn’t real or organic’. Supposedly, this guy was in Pakistan for a couple of a weeks and was soon going to “go back to America”.

I’m no supporter or believer of patriotism- I believe in a world without boundaries but having said that: please, stop criticizing the food you eat just because you don’t have what it takes to lose weight.

I believe in promoting and endorsing people who actually do put effort into the way they look and I DO know that not all of them are fake or photoshopped just because YOU want to believe that they are. Stop gorging food down your throat, give Envy the backseat and try to find a little determination before you criticize anyone for the way they look. It’s going to do you more good and I won’t have to go around looking for medicines to heal bullshit-induced pain and headaches.


2 thoughts on “Rebutting the “Models are ALWAYS Photoshopped” BS (Male specific)

  1. aamiriat

    I agree with you and I personally know a lot of people who don’t go gorge on supplements or steroid yet look ridiculously good. Their trick is discipline and punctuality. Its easy to say that I am going to enjoy my life and have food, but fat people should know that they need to get their lazy ass to work out proportionately to their consumption rate. Also I got the eggs laboratory tested for their nutritional content back in 2010 that farmed eggs generally available in cities, contain lesser nutrients than free range eggs available in villages and organic food stores. So there you go!
    As I always say better light a candle than curse the darkness.
    Keep up the good work!


    1. hmraja Post author

      Exactly my point. I don’t understand why they feel the need to belittle others in their heads rather than putting in some effort themselves instead. It’s infuriating!



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