The Whole “Confidence” Thing (Saying Thank You To People Who Have Helped Me) – Part 2

There were two things I’d learned in all my years- 1. You HAVE to be honest to yourself and to those around you and 2. Your life is yours and only you can change it.
One person I give the most credit to is my best friend- Abdullah Nayyar (who passed away in 2007). He was an amazing guy who had helped several people in a thousand ways. I can’t even explain HOW our conversations have contributed to making me feel better or happier about myself and he was great at doing that. He was a selfless being who made others feel amazing about themselves. He was honest to himself and to others and as I went on in life, our conversations would repeat themselves in my head- constantly and every single day. He had that impact on people.

Secondly, I am thankful to people who have shown me what friendship, love and happiness is NOT (more on this in future posts- don’t worry, I’ll be posting those now). I’d always had this weird notion that wealth, glitz and glamor would make life better or that love was something negative and that happiness was more of Pandora’s Box than much else- that really is NOT the case.

Third, I am thankful to my family- both sides- who have taught me what it is to accept someone for being different from yourself and what it is to love one another unconditionally. At the end of the day, despite all the fights and arguments you’ve always got the binding force of love to connect you.

Fourth, I am thankful to my friends for teaching me so much about life- this include 7 guys and 5 girls who, at some point or the other, have taught me a lot without knowing they were doing so (and sometimes they DID). If I’ve called you a ‘best friend’ that means I really do consider you to be one because I’ve a handful of friends who I can actually say are FRIENDS of mine. I am also thankful to the friends I’ve met through these guys and girl.

Lastly I’m most thankful to God for reasons that only He knows.

This is a prelude, of sort, to the next post.


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