The Whole Confidence Thing- Part 3

Before I write this post I’d just like to claim that I am in no way the most confident person you’ll know (to the reader who requested I write this post). Now, to the main part:

1. Always Be Comfortable With Yourself

We often hear that its important to be ‘comfortable’ with who we are but what does that mean, really? Being comfortable with yourself means to know who you are and to love yourself for who you are. If you’ve got flaws, accept them- God made us with flaws because we were meant to be that way. It really doesn’t matter if you’re thin, skinny, fit, fat, tanned, wheatish, fair, blue-eyed, brown-eyed, gay, straight, atheist, religious, fashionable, trendy or traditional. You’re you because you’re amazing, beautiful and great the way you’re made. God made you the way that you are because you’re meant to do something or be something as you are. You can be loud, quiet, shy or timid but you’re you and that’s all that matters. Learn that, know that and accept it.

2. Know That God Loves You

Some people accuse me of having atheistic values or leanings. The truth is I know and love God with all my heart and that’s one of the reasons I am fine with whoever or whatever comes my way. You don’t need to pray 24/7 to acknowledge that. Just count your blessings and you’ll understand what I mean. For every ONE thing that you don’t like in your life or about yourself, I bet you’ll find 10 things you DO like/love.

3. Accept Others For Who They Are (something my parents, aunts and cousins taught me)

What does this have to do with being confident? Well, when you DON’T accept others for who they are, what you’re actually doing is that you’re imposing yourselves on them because you believe they should be how and who you are. You’re not confident enough to let them be as they are and by judging them the only thing you’re proving is that you’re an insecure prick. TRUST ME this will come back to bite you in the ass at some point.

4. Self-Reflect

One thing my grandmother said to me (paternal grandmother) was “beta (son) you should ALWAYS self-reflect because you might later realize things that you didn’t earlier on”. I’ve frequently said or done things that have hurt others emotionally and I wouldn’t understand how, when or why but after self-reflecting, IF I FELT THE NEED TO, I’d talk things out with them or I’d just be who I am till they’d accept me for who I am. If they couldn’t, then, that just means they weren’t ready to be part of my life or that I’m not meant to be part of theirs.
What This Has to Do With Being Confident: Self-reflection is part of self-acceptance and of accepting others. You might have disagreements with someone or they with you but self-reflection teaches you two things:

a. How to be yourself and stand your ground

b. How to accept others for who they are and how you might have affected them.

If you’re stepping on someone else to boost up your own confidence, you’re not confident- you’re just an abominable asshole.

5. Smile (something my maternal grandmother taught me)

I’ve always believed the best thing anyone can wear is a smile. People with genuine smiles have this thing about themselves- they seem stronger, happier and more ready to face anything that comes their away, as compared to their counterparts.

What This Has to Do With Being Confident: When you smile (a true, genuine smile) you are telling yourself that you have so much to be happy about/for and that you love yourself and consider yourself to be blessed.
If you smile like the Cheshire Cat or like the Fake Smilers of Stupid Town, you’re fake. A person’s smile will often give them away.

More’s coming up πŸ™‚




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