The Kinds of Toxic People You’ll Come Across- Part 1

Toxic people aren’t always as nasty as one would think them to be and they might not even realize that they’re being a certain way. However, anyone who’s made to realize that they are toxic, and doesn’t make positive changes, is knowingly toxic- kind of like a garbage can with crap in it- and you don’t really need them in your lives. Here are a few 🙂 –

1. The Chit-Chatty Hypocrite

I’ve only recently come to encounter this sub-type of hypocrites and they’re highly irritating. These guys are narcissists who believe that everything they say is right and what everyone else is saying is completely wrong. They’ll also spend hours monologue-ing about crap that makes no sense. The most annoying part is that they know what they’re saying makes absolutely no sense and no matter how much you try to tolerate them, you WILL want to go back home and have a Panadol. These guys will also rant about philosophy and crap that makes absolutely no sense.

Side Note: In Adam Levine’s words “All Those Fairy Tales are full of shiiiiiiitttt”. If you want to spot these guys, just listen to what they’re saying and observe how they live their lives.

2. The Religious Zealots

These guys are a sub-category of the previous group. I believe God gave their Highnesses the liberty to read religious texts and about religion. Unfortunately, vanity blocks the neurons that helps them understand what they’re reading or preaching. They’ll pray and do everything religion asks them to do but they’re oblivious to the fact that they’re human beings and act like pigs, often.

You’ll frequently hear them blaspheming, drinking booze and talking as if though they’ve graduated from the University of Pervy Town, behind the scenes. You’ve got an issue with God or religion- that’s your business. At least abide by your beliefs rather than fuck-munching my ears off.

Side Note- It’s always fun to scandalize these guys by telling them you’ve done something shameless (which you weren’t ashamed of).

3. The Ones With Low Self-Esteem Who Blow Their Steam Elsewhere

There are people who eat foods that makes them so obviously gassy that anyone and everyone can smell their digestive systems. Likewise, there are people who have low self-esteem and they’ll say things to portray themselves as secure people who know exactly what they want. They NEVER actually do. They’ve mastered the art of blowing their steam powered by low self-esteem. Sometimes you’ll find they’re very similar to The Chit-Chatty Hypocrites and that’s because these guys rant about crap that they don’t believe in too.

I get it- you’re a defeatist but please, don’t moan and groan about your life to me because its a waste of oxygen for you and brain power for me.

Side Note- Think pleasant thoughts when and if you happen to encounter such people. I always tune out when I do.

( To Be Continued)


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