General Announcement for Those Who Care

Dear readers,

You’ve noticed that my blog posts have been eclectic on The Diary of A Haphazard Thinker.

Also, I’ve included links to the site that covers more serious topics: The Diary of A Serious Thinker. I’ll frequently include links to navigate you to blog posts on both blogs.

This is a short and brief announcement: I was recently advised on starting a blog that was focused, rather than eclectic, and that is exactly what I am about to do.

The new blog will focus on topics that are related to self-improvement, self-inspection and basically everything that will help you to deal with the darkness in your life and mind so you can improve your lives. So think of it as a blog that will help you build yourself and analyze your life, in general. How will it be different from the other two blogs?

Answer:We’ve all fought our battles and I just hope to help those of you that are still struggling with yours. Hope to see you on that blog and that you have a great day/ life.

I will continue to write blog posts on The Diary of A Serious Think and The Diary of A Haphazard Thinker, too.

🙂 Thank you for taking the time to read this!


EDIT: The link of the website is as follows: (Be Your Gladiator).



4 thoughts on “General Announcement for Those Who Care

  1. phirahuwademagh

    Hi Humza,

    Thanks for starting this block. I have loved your writing. I have a few comments that I hope will be useful

    I’m sure as a writer you think about your audience . but it is not perfectly clear to me for whom you are writing a blog for and why. I have enjoyed reading your blogs but I sometimes don’t get answers to these questions. Also, it would be nice if you link your experience with real world evidence. E.g. I feel happy when I go out in the greens and there is evidence that this is true for most people.

    Otherwise, your blog is just opinion. So mixing some facts with your experience will be great.

    The best way I’ve felt to deal with inner struggles is to be involved in healthy pursuits such as gym. However, because of commitments i usually sacrifice my good habits. It is hard to keep up. I hope you can write about this.


    1. Humzah Raja Post author

      Hi Phirahuwademagh,
      Thank you, for your honest feedback.
      These blogs and blog posts are audience-neutral and focus on a few incidences that others might have experienced, just as I did. So, I try to reach out towards people to help them combat certain battles (inner ones and those that they might face with others). I’ll include facts in blog posts when possible, too but these blogs are mostly ABOUT OTHERS and not as such, about me specifically.
      So, if I’m to talk or reach a wider audience, I’ll have to be somewhat vague unless I’m asked to be a little more specific or unless I’m questioned about my experiences (such as now).
      However, thank you so much for your honest and useful feedback and always feel free to comment or ask questions here. 🙂



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