The Caitlyn Jenner Problem

Anyone and everyone who’s reading this blog post is likely to know about Caitlyn Jenner and to those of you who don’t- Caitlyn Jenner was formerly known as the gold medalist Bruce Jenner.

New York, NY - Caitlyn Jenner was spotted hanging with her new group of transgender girlfriends on Tuesday evening, heading to a performance of 'An American In Paris' on Broadway.    AKM-GSI June 30, 2015 To License These Photos, Please Contact : Steve Ginsburg (310) 505-8447 (323) 423-9397 or Maria Buda (917) 242-1505

Caitlyn Jenner

I intended on blogging about the superficial aspects of media, all across the world, on different blogs, which I’ll site here later but the Caitlyn Jenner problem was something that I, as a lover of underdogs, felt needed to be addressed.

Moving on.

When Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner I was actually kind of proud to see that a Jenner/Kardashian was going to give television and life meaning that Keeping Up With The Kardashians failed to address. Admittedly I’ve never seen KUWTK nor have I seen “I Am Cait” but I certainly do follow news that I feel comes within my scope.

So, Caitlyn’s original claim was that she’d stand up for the LGBTQ community and that she was/is well-aware of topics that affect people all around her. I’ve seen her teary-eyed on various shows and snapshots, talking about how difficult it is to live in a world where people fail to recognize those who are different or those who make different choices and what not.

On the 15/16th of July she won the Arthur Ashe Courage Award ( where she managed to move people, give them hope and she addressed topics that needed to be addressed on a public platform. She also looked smoking hot, graceful and she proved that she wasn’t just some bombshell with no brain. However, I (and many others) feel that there were more deserving candidates who have stood up for the LGBTQ community and have represented the interests of the community. Laverne Cox is an example of a more deserving candidate from the community.

averne Cox

However, is it just me or are people focusing on the wrong things? Tabloids, televisions shows, show hosts, magazines, bloggers, blogs and the media in general seems to be focusing more on what she wore or how she managed to wow the audience in a white dress or other superficial topics of the sort- which takes me to my next point: the media, generally, seems to focus on topics that have absolutely nothing to do with topics that matter. Sure, you’ll see or hear a few clips here and there or you’ll see a few snapshots online but it will not talk about how SHE stands up for people who do not enjoy the same privileges as Caitlyn Jenner.

Is turning Caitlyn Jenner into a fashion icon really the solution? Or is she just banking on the emotions of a community that is already targeted by the world, at large (I’m sure this is not the case)? Which, again, takes me to my next point- is the media so bent on objectifying women that it fails to address problems that actually matter?

These were just a few thoughts that I needed to pen down.


2 thoughts on “The Caitlyn Jenner Problem

  1. owais

    There was hope that the transition would highlight problems faced by trangender community but his coming out and that too at the heels of days before announcement of the show pretty much trivialized the whole issue n then the show focusing on fashion and the celeb life didn’t help much either. Though spotlight on the issue is important it’s a tricky balance which the show failed at.


    1. Humzah Raja Post author

      Yeah but something’s always seemed off to me about the transition and what not and that suspicion or ‘off-ness’ revealed itself when she took, what seems like, a hypocritical stance regarding equal marriage on the Ellen show.



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