How To Know You’re in Good Company

Have you ever questioned whether you were in good company (which refers to both, a group of people and/or an individual) or whether your choice of friends actually returned the love and adoration that you felt for them? Alternatively, have you ever felt that your sentiments weren’t being shared or felt by those that you thought you loved and called your friends and family?

We’ve all been through those moments when we’ve felt dubious about our choice of company or such like but we like to ignore the gut feelings that resonate within us, screaming at us to be careful of that person we believe feels the same way about us that we do them. So, HOW can you tell whether you’re in good company?

You feel inspired whenever you’re in good company.

When you’re in good company, you know you’re around people who believe in themselves, one another and that translates into positive energy that enables them to carry your energy and turn it into something more constructive, unintentionally. This, in turn, gets your creative juices flowing and you actually feel like doing something with your life.

You can’t help but feel safe around good company.

When you’re around such people you feel at home and trust them intuitively. You don’t feel the need to put much effort into being yourself around them because you know they will not judge you nor disclose your secrets to others. You can be how and who you are around them and sometimes you might find yourself telling them things that you never felt you could or would be able to share with anyone.

Their optimism is contagious. 

You can’t help but feel like you can do anything, when you’ve got good company. Their optimism is contagious and you always feel more energetic around them because they exude confidence and compassion.

Feel the need to ask questions regarding your choice of company? You can always ask all the questions you need to in the comments section 🙂 Or share this post if you liked it 🙂


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