4 Reactions You Get When You Are Generally Weak in Your National Language

I’ve frequently come across a wide array of people with an entire palate of responses to people who are generally not as fluent in their national language as they need to be. While some people do so because they want to act ‘cool’ (which frankly they don’t) there are those unfortunate few who have never lived in a culture that would enable them to speak their national language the way they would genuinely like to. Being someone who isn’t as fluent in his national language, I can empathize with you, if you fall under the same category as me.

Hence, here are 5 reactions that you’re likely to get (and answers you can get to deal with such reactions):

  1. Uhh….seriously? Thumhay Urdu nahi aatee? (You don’t know your national language?) *insert eye roll here*No, I do. I just like to ask question from unhelpful pricks like you because I love to waste oxygen and pollute earth with your presence.In Urdu: Nahi jee. Aatee hay magar aap jaisay bakwas-khor se mujhay baath karnay ka bohat shawk hay.
  2. What? How can you NOT know your own language?
    You don’t know the language of kindness. I’m not fluent in my national language. You’re an asshole. I’m just not fluent.In Urdu: Dekhain, aap ko tameez kee zubaan nahi aatee. Mujhay Urdu nahi aate. Farak sirf ye hay keh aap ek intehaayee churaay mizaaj ke insaan hain. May sirf Urdu may weak hoon.
  3. (If you mix genders) Hahahaha, you don’t know the difference between “ka” (masculine) and “ki”? Hahahaha!No but I sure as Hell know the difference between my fist by my side and in your face.
    In Urdu: Nahi par moo par chapair khanay aur na khanay ka farak pata hay. Kya aap ke moo par example dekhaon?
  4. What do you think of yourself? (Aap apnay aap ko kya samajhtay hain?)
    I haven’t had much time to think about that but I do know how much pain I can inflict 😀In Urdu: May nay kabhi socha nahi laikan chapair se aap ko kitnee dard ho gee- is ke baaray may zaroor socha hay.

Have you ever experienced language-shame? Do tell in the comments section below 🙂


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